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What Helped with My Zazzle Store

Updated: May 15, 2020

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Zazzle is a print on demand platform that sells custom products. The ecosystem has an excellent mix of designers, makers, and merchandises. 

Zazzle does most of the heavy lifting by taking care of 90% of the customer service, shipping, and product inventory. This is why selling on Zazzle is so appealing. 

What Helped with My Zazzle Store?

Taking a Course on Structuring My Ideas

The unsung hero in this Zazzle list post would be right here. I would have great ideas for products and stores, but it never really manifested. So after a few serendipitous events, I stumbled across an excellent course on Udemy. 

This course below helps with dissecting a business idea and looking through all the cracks. It's in-depth, and I took it. 

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Taking Copywriting Courses

In the literal sense, Zazzle can be broken down into three parts, more or less. Design, search engine optimization, and sales copy.

Sales copy is a fancy word, which means persuading people to buy things through text, well that's my definition. 

Sales copy can sound a little sleazy and inauthentic, but well-written copy can help with Zazzle selling. 

When I first started on Zazzle, I didn't write long product descriptions. I mainly focused on the design.  

Here are five tips when writing a sales copy on Zazzle.

  • Focus on the benefits of your design concept. What benefits the customer? Describe the product design and add the benefits as well. 
  • Is your product concept solving a problem? If it is, describe the product and what issue it addresses.
  • Keep the sales copy as straight to the point as possible.
  • Try to identify a familiar pain point people are facing by asking a question. Then gives reasons why your Zazzle product will help them. 
  • Follow your description with a call to action.

If you are looking for a more in-depth online course on copywriting, here is a great course I took on Udemy. 

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Learning Zazzle's Platform 

The best thing I did was to take a course on Zazzle and get connected with Zazzle's ecosystem. 

Elke Clarke has many courses ranging from designing to e-commerce. Below are some useful links. 

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Zazzle courses recently started springing up in the past few years, and their Youtube channel has been updating with more trends and tips.

Getting to Know Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization, in a nutshell, makes the Zazzle sales page more friendly to search engines. My mistake here was focusing too much on search engines. The best thing to do is to write for people, not search engines.

What is Good Content? Google Explains Here

  • Google has a large team of quality raters that go around and rate all sorts of content on the web.
  • Google put together a lengthy document that explains what good content is and not so good content.
  • Google E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. 
  • View the Google E-A-T document here. Google is ever-changing, so the report may eventually get updated. 

Have you ever wondered how much traffic websites get?

This next tip should be taken with a grain of salt; in other words, not too seriously because no one knows how much traffic sites get. 

What is SimilarWeb?

  • In a nutshell, SimilarWeb gives stats on websites. All you do is type in the URL, and if there is enough data, you should get some numbers.
  • Here is the link to SimilarWeb (No Affiliation) 

Other Useful SEO Resources for Zazzle.  

Using Google Analytics with Zazzle

Using Google analytics with Zazzle is a big help, although the data I receive is limited, and it took about one year to get useful data.

Here are essential Google Analytics that help me get sales on Zazzle.

Quick disclaimer, these stats are subjective to my Zazzle store. Your results will be different. 

Traffic Sources

Traffic that comes from social media, search engines, other websites. 
  • Google search was one of the best traffic sources. 
  • Pinterest clicks started trickling in overtime.
  • I do see a small amount of Google paid traffic, but I'm not sure if Zazzle is paying for it. Like I said earlier, Google analytics is limited. 

City and Country of Users 

Just in case I wanted to make a souvenir of a particular city, I would know where to start. 
  • New York and Los Angeles were two big players.
  • Most of my sales came from the United States.

 Top Pages

  • Business cards dominate my top ten pages only because my listings are mainly business cards.  

Quick Tips for Desktop Google Analytics

  • On the home page in the pages report, you may see about 10 of your top links. If you click pages report and look just below the graph, you will see some titles labeled Page, Page Title, and Other. Click Page title and the number links will turn into the human titles of your Zazzle sales pages.  

Joining the Offical Zazzle Forum

The Zazzle forum is a tiny world for all passionate users. It's full of relevant knowledge, and I would recommend it, especially for beginners. At the time of this post, the forum is broken up into these main categories.

Zazzle News

Zazzle Public Forums 



What Didn't Work on Zazzle? 

  • I was thinking of money, not the customer.
  • I did not understand the business basics. 
  • Rushing designs.
  • I was jumping from product to product.
  • I didn't use Google Trends.
  • Not using Google Search suggest tool.
  • Low volume of products.
  • I used Zazzle's Quick Create too much. 
  • I only put in a couple of hours every two weeks. 
  • I was buying my own Google Ads, nada.
  • Short product descriptions.
  • Broad Titles.
  • Complicated tags.
  • I forgot about templating my Zazzle design.

Business Cards Ideas 

  • Graphic designer 
  • Virtual assistant 
  • Security Guard 
  • Personal Assistant 
  • Tour Guide 
  • Interior Designer 
  • Librarian 
  • Event Planner 
  • Bartender 
  • Administrative assistant 
  • Substitute teacher 
  • Nanny
  • Real estate agent
  • Bookkeeping
  • Optometrist

How To Find Out What's Selling on Zazzle (Desktop)  

On Desktop
  • Go to 
  • Scroll down to the trending section.
  • Click "See All Trending."
  • Choose an appropriate filter and categories. 

Quick Tip - At this time, Zazzle sorts trending products by "Bestselling this week." By clicking the tab, you can select longer time durations. 

I'll be updating this page as time progresses.

Thanks for reading!