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Solopreneur Hotel Workcations - Productive Ideas to Try

The natural lobby area with cozy leather chairs, round tables with chairs and a larger wooden table with chairs.
Radisson Blu Hotel in Oslo, Norway

Working online is becoming more popular, and many do enjoy the freedom of having their own space. Occasionally though, the home area, coffee shops, and libraries may become more distracting over time. 

So what to do? Well, one possible solution would be to try a workcation.

Workcation - A serendipitous and pleasurable business trip.

Being practical, I'm thinking more on the lines of getting work done at a local hotel in the area.

Productive Ideas to Do

Listen to Audiobooks

Listening to essential audiobooks in your field can help you grip those nuggets of knowledge much better. Sit back in your room or find a quiet area in the hotel and listen away.

Quick tip - Using over the ear headphones to block out any external sound helps. 

Good Business Audiobooks 


Work On those Online Courses

Online courses have exploded in the last ten years, and it's easier than ever to get the help you need. Here are a few places that offer classes. 

No affiliation 

Quick Tip - Educational sites like Udemy usually offer reasonable discounts for future courses via email. Join their email list. 

Two leather chairs side by side with a small wooden table in between. There is a land line phone on the table.
Fantasyland Hotel - West Edmonton Mall

Brainstorm New Ideas

Once settled, brainstorming ideas may be next on your workcation list. Here are a couple of efficient ways to remember those thoughts. 

Use Google Keep on your smartphone - This is a great free app with notes and checklist features.
If provided, use the hotel's free pen and pad.

Ways to Spark Up New Ideas
  • Take a shower
  • Walk around the hotel grounds
  • Get some exercise at the gym.
  • Is there a pool? Go for a swim.
  • Sleep, ideas may spring up when you wake up. 
  • Try writing down as many ideas as you can until you get to 20.
  • Try neutral activities such as reading a light book. 

A plate of seafood with lemon and tartar sauce on the side.
Seafood at the Courtyard at Marriott

Have a Laptop Lunch with Headphones

The restaurant, headphones, and laptop can be your best friends. Watch a motivational video or educational talk while you enjoy your meal.

Here are Some Great YouTube Channels. 

  • Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker and author. His YouTube Channel consists of great productivity tips, goal setting, and career guidance. 

  • Talks At Google are discussions by guest presenters for Google employees. 

Quick Tip - If the table seems a little small for your laptop and meal, ask to have two smaller tables put together.

Catch Up on Your Physical Activity   

Fitness centers are a plus in hotels; it may be a great place to take a walk on the treadmill or get a workout in. Here are some productivity ideas for the gym. 

  • Do nothing, just workout.
  • Extend the stretching time with a light audiobook.
  • Listen to a light audiobook on the treadmill.
  • Watch the news.
  • Try a new fitness app.

Customer-Centric Coffee Breaks

Larger hotel chains usually have high customer service standards and ways to keep everything orderly. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from the big dogs. 

  • Observe your thoughts - What things are popping up hotel-related during your stay. Does the hotel have most of them? How do they know? Is there feedback cards in the room? Perhaps one online? How is the hotel getting feedback?

  • Observe the Lobby - Where is everything placed? Is it cozy? Is it catered to business class? Families? 

  • Observe the Restaurant - What's the vibe like when you're sitting down having a meal? Are the colors around the restaurant calming? Modern? Neutral? Ask yourself why?  

  • Observe the Sounds - What kind of music is playing, if any? What era? The 80s? The 90s? The 2000s? 

  • Observe the Smells - Is there a neutral smell? Or possibly a light scent in the air? 

Looking at things from the hotel's point of view can stimulate ideas to make your own business better.

Go For a Google Assistant (Or Siri) Walk

Google Assistant (Or Siri) is a great modern tool to get any questions out of your head. What better timing than on your workcation. I listed some example questions below. 

10 Question Ideas to Ask Google Assistant for Online Solopreneurs

  • What are the leading ____________ businesses in 2020, 2021, 2022 etc?
  • What are the trending __________ in __________ right now? 
  • What's the number one ____________ on ____________ ?
  • Why do solopreneurs burnout?
  • Are blue light glasses good for you? 
  • When should I replace my laptop?
  • Is too much ____________ bad for you?
  • Should I work on my laptop when I travel?
  • How often should I take a break on my computer?
  • Best place in the house to put a home office?

Tips for Booking Your Hotel Room

Let's be real, though; modern hotels love to stimulate the senses, so having a small game plan in the booking department may go a long way. Here is my two cents. 

  • Location - Google Maps is a great way to find local hotels in your area. Try to find one in a neutral zone away from the busy districts of town. 

    • Price - Look for off-peak days and times of the year. 

    Quick Tip - An easy way to get discounted rooms is to join the hotel's loyalty programs and use their branded credit cards.

    • Room - Having a room with a desk and proper office chair works. Try to book away from busy areas, such as conference rooms or banquet halls.

      • Services and Facilities - You don't need all the bells and whistles, free wi-fi, a restaurant, and gym would do the trick. 

      Well, there you have it, my two cents on the hotel workcation ideas. I'll be updating this blog when more ideas pop up.

      Thanks for reading.


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